Kayde was born in September 2020 in Melbourne, Australia – with a vision to design high-quality and practical leather goods that could be cherished for a lifetime. The design is focused to blend inspirations from our surroundings and harmoniously hero the premium leather that has been selected. The minimalist style of the Kayde line will compliment your wardrobe effortlessly.

Kayde bags are hand crafted by our talented artisans one stitch at a time. This ensures high quality by combining time honoured techniques and attention to detail. To us, quality is the most important outcome to create meaningful products that stand the test of time.

Kayde leather goods are sustainability sourced from Indonesia and Europe that gives our produce the mix of premium Indonesian leather and premium Italian leather. (future bringing Australian leather). The leather has been carefully selected to ensure its softness but is still hard wearing and gets better with age. Given time, each piece should reflect its owners journey in the way a quality leather piece should.

What is Kayde?

The name Kayde is an infusion of my name and my love for high-quality leather goods – Kay (me) and Hide (leather). My journey with Kayde began when I realised that I had left my creative mind aside to pursue a different career path. Throughout the year 2020 I had a lot of time to think and question myself “What is my passion in life?”. Lightbulb! Creativity and design. I’ve always had a profound appreciation for fashion right from the design process through to the manufacturing and final use by its patron. The biggest inspiration in my designs are the people close to me and my surroundings. It fascinates me how different people have their own unique way to express themselves. I love to discover new places, new cultures and how people interact with one another – this is where I feel most inspired.

Kay xx